Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Before and After - Perfectly Purple Nightstand

I picked this nightstand up at a garage sale last Sunday. It had some issues on the top, but I could see that it was a sturdy solid wood piece. And I love the mesh doors and it has a power strip and extension cord built in to it! It was before its time! Henedron is the manufacture I believe.

I picked up a gallon of Valspar Satin "mis-tint" a month ago or so in a rich purple at Lowe's. So, I made my custom chalk paint with it and got to painting the nightstand.

Then I wanted to add a little whimsy to it, so I used some Martha Stewart shimmer/glitter paint (Home Depot) to create some thick chunky stripes on the top.

I switched out the knobs on the doors with some vintage looking glass/plastic knobs (Hobby Lobby) and painted the knob that was on the drawer with the glitter/shimmery paint as well. It is an older knob with 2 holes/screws and I didn't want to have to fill both holes and then center a new hole. It came out cute. ;)

I painted the inside of the nightstand with 2 coats of my custom vintage white chalk paint to give it some added brightness.

Thanks for looking and I'd love to here your feedback. Do you like the purple? What do you think of the chunky stripes?


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