Thursday, March 28, 2013

The VERY Chippy (Miss Mustard Seed, Milk Paint) Nightstand

This is my 3rd time using MMS Milk Paint. I loved the way my first 2 pieces came out (Luckets Green Cupboard Door Cupboard Door and the Shutter Gray Chippy Buffet) so I decided to try Grain Sack...Still without the bonding agent. I am not usually a chippy kinda girl...and this piece is my personal nightstand (so not for sale). Seeing as I am changing my room around and doing a makeover, I wanted to see how I liked it.

So here come the pic's...I was scared at first, because it chipped way more than my other 2 is a newer piece I bought a couple years ago at Marshall's, and was very shiny. I think that may be why it chipped so much.

this is what i started with...very nice piece, but i needed a change :)

and this is after 2 coats, letting the first on dry/chip and then lighty sanding to remove the flakes.

it chipped a lot!!!!

i mean...a lot!!!  eeek...i got a little nervous here.

but here she is in all her glory!  I absolutely love the way she came out...she's the first of many changes that are coming to our bedroom makeover!  More on that to come...

Thank you for taking the time to look at my nightstand/post.  I hope it helped you feel more comfortable with Milk go get a piece of furniture and get to painting!

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  1. So, cute! My nightstand needs a new look. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration! I love the clock! Where did you find that? Have a wonderful Easter!

    1. Thank you, and no makes my day...that you were inspired by my post! I found that clock and about 8 others at an estate sale. I love them I might start to become a clock hoarder??!!