Monday, April 1, 2013

Bedroom Make~Over...this may take a while

be forewarned...this is a long post!

Hello There...ok, so last week I was so fed up with our bedroom not being a bedroom.  I keep most of my craft/sewing/floral/scrapbooking...well you get the idea, in our room  I have a large armoire that houses most of it, but it was completely unorganized.  I also keep some in our closet, in other furniture around the's just crazy.  So everytime i did a project, i'd have to go searching everywhere for what i know I had (I refuse to buy something that I know i have).  Anywhoo...our room was a mess of bins, baskets, boxes, you name was stacked, strewn, and a pain.  So, we took everthing out of our bedroom except for our furniture.  We are still in the process of organizing that...that will be a post in and of it self.

So, while I had everything out and was looking at our was pretty boring.  A mixture of garage sale/craigslist, marshalls, and hand me down furniture.  And an IKEA dresser that i cannot wait to get rid of.

So, i am gradually going to make our bedroom a sanctuary for us.  I only want decor in here that we both absolutely love...nothing less.

i know this post is getting long...but i want to add...we live in an old Adobe Brick home.  It was built by hand in the late 1800's.  There are 2 of them (the other one is right behind us).  We rent this home and have been here for over a year.  We absolutely love all the architecture it has.  I'll show you the house in a post some day.  It's amazing!  But, due to the Adobe brick being so old and very expensive to replace...our landlords have asked us not to put any holes in the walls (unless it's already there, then I can use it).  So i am somewhat limited...but i know i can work about it.

I don't really have a specific design style.  I love vintage, French Country, rustic, with a little industrial mixed in.  Somehow...i'm going to make all that work in one room.  The house is very dark, so i am planning on lightening up our furniture.

OK, here's what my room currently looks like.  Any ideas you have...send them my way.  I have quite a few myself, and i can't wait to share them with you.

This is the view from our bedroom the right is an entire wall of built in closets.  (lots of storage)

and as you step in the door

View from the South/West Corner

I do love my armoire!!  I will be keeping it and painting it...not sure of the color...i was thinking duck egg blue or paris gray??

The tall dresser back there is a make over I did about 2 years ago...the drawers are kinda small.  Our goal is to get one dresser for both our folded clothes and eliminate the Idea dresser and this one.

My side of the room :) with my chippy nightstand!  I love it.  Need a new lampshade though~

and the infamous Ikea dresser.

Things I plan on keeping:

1. Armoire (going to paint)
2. Chippy Nightstand
3. Curtains (possibly)
4. White Shabby Bedding

List of "wants" so far:

1. Huge dresser
2. DIY lampshade (maybe burlap)
3. chandelier for my side of the room
4. nightstand for the hubby
5. large area rug
6. bed ruffle (i have one picked out)
7. Headboard (i think we're going to make one from Anna White's plans)

That's all i have  so far.  I am in no hurry to get this done...i am just going to enjoy the experience, and i totally plan on doing this on a tight i will keep track of what I spend to share with you all!

Thanks and I hope you will follow along on this journey with me.


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