Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Vintage Nightstand Black and Wine Red

Here's a quick nightstand Before and After I did last weekend.  I bought a dresser and this nightstand from craigslist.  A young couple sold it to me at a great price, it had a little bit of a veneer issue, but I was able to sand it down and it looks great.  This is another solid wood piece, made in the USA back when furniture was made to last generations.  

I did a poll on FB asking what color people would like to see and Red was the color that people asked to see.  Wine Red, specifically.  lol  So, these are not my colors, so it was a little scary...but I really like how it turned out.  Totally different than any of my other pieces.  

The original hardware was brought back to life with a little Rub n Buff, the detailing also got the rub n buff treatment.  

So what do you think of this color combo?  Would you like to see more of the darker colors??  I looked on Pottery Barn, and they have a distressed nightstand for about $500.  I need to go check out their construction on their furniture...I don't remember if it's 100% solid wood consistenly and if the drawers are tounge and groove.  

Both of these paints are custom chalk paint colors (using the plaster of paris recipe).  The black was a Valspar mistint and the red, i mixed with a mistint and some of the black valspar.  

Here is what the little nightstand looked like before.  Great bones...just dated.  

I also painted a little jewelry box I picked up at a garage sale on Saturday.  City Wide garage sale day!  Whooohoo...that was a great day for garage selling.

Pottery Barn Nightstand $499.99

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