Sunday, April 14, 2013

New pieces headed to the shop...

Hello there...Happy Sunday.

I got so excited with the furniture that I picked up this week...that I forgot to take before pictures.  So, please forgive me.  Here's what I've been working on.  :)

This is a little Drexel Heritage Nightstand and Mirror, that I picked up at an estate sale in Sacramento last week.  It was that white with yellow trim, and had some painted floral decor on it.  I am sure in it's time, it was fashionable that way...but I just love how it is now.  I used a light minty green on the drawers and mirror, and used old white for the nightstand base and original hardware update.  This piece is just wating for a new home!

it's hard to see, but this little table actually has light baby pink stripes on top.  The rest of the table has a light coating of Old White and was heavily distressed.  I really love this little antique table, the details on the sides are so charming!

I just love this one too...another dainty antique was so sad in it's before state!  I might actually have the before of this one, I'll add it later.  :) I used a blue and white stripe on the top...and lightly dry brushed all the details over the blue on the base of the table.

Have a great week!  I have a garage full of furniture to paint before the street please forgive me for the next posts will be more consistent come mid May!  :)

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