Friday, June 21, 2013

Garden Dresser ~ Potting Bench

Hello There,

It's mid June and hot here in Northern California!  The kids are out of school and driving me nuts!  haha :) just kidding...I really love it.  But, it is more difficult to get things done with them home.  I have been working on quite a bit lately, but haven't blogged in a couple months.  Shame on me!!  I am working on finding balance, with my blog, new business, and with some side work I am doing. it goes.

I was in the shop a few months ago and this sad dresser was sitting outside.  Another vendor (the owner of Secondhand Rose, actually) wanted me to look at it and see if I was interested in taking it on.  I was in a good mood and feeling ambitious after my antique vanity makeover, you can see it here.  So, I agreed to take it on.  Here we are a few months later and I finally finished it and it's been in the shop for a couple weeks.

This dresser had some structural issues with the drawers and it was pretty well loved.  It is easily from the 1930's.  So, I decided it would make a perfect Garden Dresser.  To be used on a patio or in a garden, either as a potting dresser (instead of bench, ya know) or to actually plant some herbs and annuals in.  I decided to save the mirror frame for another project, I may end up adding it with some chicken wire once I am caught up on the rest of my inventory. My garage, shed, and back storage area are overflowing with pieces I need to work on.

The base of the dresser was already for the most part stripped, but the drawers had layers of paint on them. I used some stripper I picked up at Lowe's and it was super easy to get those layers off.
Then I cleaned it up with some TSP and got to painting.
I used MMS Milk Paint (Grain Sack) and a custom chalk paint in teal.  The knobs are from Hobby Lobby.

So, what do you think?  I really love it...and if it doesn't sell in the next couple months, I'm going to bring it home and put in on my patio.

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