Thursday, June 20, 2013

Storage Locker Auctions ~ we bought 5 storage lockers last month!

Hello There!  Yes, you read that right.  We bought 5 storage lockers last month, at auction.  I am still not quite sure how that happened!  

I have been buying my vintage furniture at garage sales and craigslist for the last year and have been doing great that way.  I got to thinking about storage auctions a few months ago, and decided to go view a few first.  I did that back in January or so and have been planning for the right time to get into the game.  
If you are not familiar with the whole "Storage Wars" or "Auction Hunters" on TV, I'll give you a short version of how this process works.
First, if a tenant of a storage unit does not pay their rent...the storage facility does their due diligence to get in contact with the them and get payment.  The storage facility then posts some sort of notice of  upcoming auction in the paper.  If the unit is not paid up by the time the auction starts, it's fair game.  
ok, now onto the fun part...

You only get to look inside the storage unit, you cannot touch anything or go in the unit.  It's like any other live auction.  The bidding starts and the highest bidder wins.  You have to pay tax (unless you have a resale license) and pay a cleaning deposit (which you get back once you empty the unit and leave it broom swept).  
My husband and I went to a few auctions within 1 week and only bid on what we could see in the units, I based my bids on what I would pay for furniture on CL or at a garage sale.   It was a lot of work!  I learned a lot, and will buy 1 unit at a time going forward and will be more selective with what I buy.  
So, these 2 dressers were in one of the units, sorry for the sad before's the only one I have.

Here's the Vintage Queen Anne Desk, painted in Old Ochre with a dark glaze over it.  I just love the way this one came out.

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