Saturday, June 22, 2013

Oak Pedestal Table Make-Over (for a client)

I was bringing a new dresser into the shop last week, and a customer was interested in one of my tables that had already sold.

Here's my Oak Pedestal Table that everyone seems to love!  I have about 5 different people that have wanted to buy the table, but only if I painted chairs to match it.  I was just too busy with other projects to get to the chairs, so I just put the table in the shop without the chairs.  Just last week, I agreed to paint 4 chairs to match it for a client and it is sold.  Note to self, "always paint chairs to match the table, never just a table".  Everyone wants chairs with the table.  I hadn't really thought that one through, all the way.

She was telling me that she has a pedestal table and 4 chairs that she'd like to have thing let to another and here it is all finished.

I got ahead of myself and did not get a before picture...but here is one that I have in the shop that is very similar.

Her table is a 48" with a leaf and 4 pressed back chairs.  It was in good shape, she just wanted to have the base and all but the seats of the 4 chairs painted white and then distressed lightly and antiqued (Annie Sloan's Dark Wax).

I have to say, this was only my 3rd custom job so far and it is becoming my favorite part of my business!  Working with my clients so far has been amazing in more ways than just the business aspect of it.  I have got to meet some awesome women so far and it's exciting to see their vision come to light with my art!  I am really looking forward to growing that part of my business!

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